Idalia Lechuga-Tena Is Ready To Lead On The Key Issues

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Public safety


As Immediate Past Chair of the Foothills Community Policing Council, Idalia knows that we have a lot of work to do to fight crime and make our City safe again:

  • Supporting police officers and first responders with advancement opportunities and higher pay.
  • Proactively fighting crime by being prepared to put more officers on the streets.
  • Investing in community policing to build a trust-based relationship between officers and residents.
Public safety


  • Increase options for housing by collaborating with developers to create more affordable housing units and providing realistic opportunities for stable housing
  • Create affordable housing zones for qualified applicants and provide incentives to developers to work with City to accommodate shortages.
Public safety


  • Focus on prevention: While it is important to help people who are currently experiencing homelessness and behavioral health issues, we also need to focus on prevention. This could involve investing in early intervention programs that help people address behavioral health challenges before they become more severe, providing education and training on addiction and mental health issues, or working to address the root causes of homelessness, such as poverty and joblessness.
Public safety


  • Invest in access to addiction treatment: Substance abuse and addiction are often major factors in homelessness and other behavioral health issues. By improving access to addiction treatment, we can create sustainable support networks and community resources.
  • Provide mental health support: Many people experiencing homelessness also struggle with mental health issues. By providing access to mental health support services, we can help people address underlying mental health conditions and improve their overall well-being. This could involve establishing mental health clinics in underserved communities, collaborating with community organizations to provide mental health resources, or increasing funding for mental health research and treatment.
Public safety


As a small business owner, Idalia is ready to build Albuquerque and lead us into the future:

  • Support small businesses by incentivizing them to site, build, and grow, right here in Albuquerque.
  • Recruit and retain a well-trained workforce and workers by investing in key labor initiatives including apprentice and pre-apprenticeship programs.
  • Direct pathways for Albuquerqueans to fill the new, high-wage tech and creative economy jobs coming to Albuquerque.
  • Invest and incentivize in new technologies that will help lead us into a new economy.
Public safety


As a product of Albuquerque's Public Schools, Idalia knows the importance of a strong education:

  • Invest in after-school programs that help our kids stay active and healthy.
  • Support youth sports for children of all ages.
  • Build and support new community centers, multi-generational centers, and community programs that build a stronger sense of community between citizens of all ages.