Meet Idalia Lechuga-Tena

  1. Former New Mexico State Representative, International Ambassador, and Fighter for our Community

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Idalia Lechuga-Tenawas raised in Albuquerque and is an immigrant who is proud to hold dual citizenship with the USA and México. Idalia's father was a construction worker, a farmer, and a rancher. Her mother was a nurse. Idalia believes in hard work and an honest day's wage. She is fluent in four languages, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. She is a proud product of the Albuquerque Public Schools, where she attended Highland High School and graduated in 2002, then stayed close to home and went to the University of New Mexico where she graduated with degrees in Economics, Political Science, and International Politics, with studies in México, Spain, and France. She is recognized as the youngest female legislator and the first naturalized woman from México to serve in the New Mexico Legislature in the history of the state. She represented Albuquerque's District 21, the International District.

While serving in the New Mexico Legislature, Idalia was asked to represent the United States, as an International Ambassador for the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace. She attended conferences promoting World Peace in Paraguay, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, and Guatemala. While promoting peace on the world stage is exciting and fulfilling work, her true passion lies in promoting her community, tackling important issues such as food insecurity and helping those most in need.


She currently serves as Vice-President of Meals on Wheels of New Mexico, working to make sure no one that needs food goes hungry any day. In the New Mexico Legislature she fought for funding to help fight food insecurity in Albuquerque and to expand the Meals on Wheels mission. Idalia has also worked to bridge the gap between our community and the Albuquerque Police Department as former Chair of the Foothills Community Policing Council and as former Vice-Lead of Albuquerque's Community Policing Council of Chairs. Idalia was instrumental in the Council's recognition by the United States Department of Justice for being the best Community Policing Council in the Country. As an activist Idalia also graduated from APD's Citizens Police Academy in December 2022. She is committed to finding solutions to Albuquerque's crime problem.

Idalia loves New Mexico and Albuquerque culture and serves on the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation. Closer to home, she dedicates time to the Glenwood Hills Neighborhood Association; Glenwood Lofts HOA; New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women as Legislative and Resolutions Chair; The New Mexico Hispanic Heritage Committee; President of La Mesa Community Improvement Association in the International District; and Global Give a Book. Additionally, she co-chairs the Johnny Tapia Project-a program that creates awareness on mental illness and addiction.


Idalia is the owner of ILT International, LLC, a consulting firm that offers services in International Business Expansion, Marketing and PR in English, Spanish, French and Italian. She is a published McNair Scholar with the Research Opportunity Program at the University of New Mexico. Her published academic research on “The Positive Effects of the Immigration Spectrum in the United States In the Economic and Political Sector, with a concentration in Latino Immigration” was translated to Spanish and French, and presented in conferences at Universities throughout the USA, México, and Spain.

Outside of her professional and civic duties, Idalia is an avid traveler, who loves opera, classical and mariachi music. She is an accomplished violinist, and played with the Albuquerque Philharmonic. She is a painter, dancer of ballet, flamenco, and salsa. She practices yoga, golf, tennis, skis, and is a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo. Idalia is married to attorney Marco Gonzales, and enjoys spending time with her family and her Chihuahua dog, Tekila.